Villa d’Este short sleeved cotton golf shirt for kids

Sleeve lenght: 6 months 8cm,                   1 years 9cm,  2 years  11cm,  3 years 12cm,     4 years 13cm, 5 years 14cm, 6 years 15cm,       8 years 17cm

Chest (A): 6 months 34cm, 1 years 37cm,      2 years 42cm,    3 years 47cm, 4 years 48cm, 5 years 50cm, 6 years 54cm, 8 years 56cm

Bust (B): 6 months 25cm, 1 years 27cm,       2 years29cm,   3 years 32cm, 4 years 33cm,  5 years 34cm, 6 years 37cm, 8 years 40cm

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This short-sleeved golf shirt for kids is made of pure cotton and is available in a variety of bright colours, and embroidered with Villa d’Este’s coloured crest.

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Product Size info In order to choose the correct size Villa d’Este La Boutique suggests you to measure the main dimensions of your body with the help of a tailor’s tape measure:
A chest: measure the width of your chest without applying too much pressure
B bust: measure the front distance from shoulder to pelvis
To check your size in a quicker way, measure a personal garment similar to the one you wish to purchase.